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    Want a specific Arctic or Antarctic Book? If you can’t see a book listed, let us know. We may well have a copy and just have not got round to listing it. Also if you want a copy in better or worse condition that that shown also email us, we may have one, this is particularly important if you are not bothered with first editions.

    We have rare antiquarian and secondhand books, scientific papers, reports, photographs and other ephemera on Antarctica, the Arctic, polar travel, history, exploration and whaling for sale through this web site. Whether you are interested in Scott, Shackleton, Amundsen, Nansen, Peary, Byrd, Franklin, Cook, Wilson, Oates, Borchgrevink, Charcot, Filchner, McClure, Greely, Parry or Ross, other explorers or whalers we have books on them or written by them. We have books on Greenland and Iceland, the peoples, flora and fauna that occupy the lands such as the Eskimos, Inuit and Indians of America. Books and scientific reports available on the wildlife, geology, geography, meteorology, penguins, seals, walrus, polar bear and other fauna and flora. If you are looking for scarce book you could find it here. We also have antique and later books on other subjects and will try and put these on the website as soon as we can.

    Polar Books are based in North Wales, UK and is run by Neil Marsden and Maggie Russell. Neil worked for the British Antarctic Survey in the mid 1960s and over-wintered in Antarctica for two years. When he returned to civilization he really got interested in everything to do with polar history and started collecting books on whaling, explorers, mountaineering and polar exploration generally.

    As the site develops we will be adding more titles and general articles.

    Click on the “full details” tab for more information or more pictures of a particular title.  If you need more information prior to putting in an order please let us know. We can be contacted on sales@polarbooks.net

    Our aim is to provide a personal service. Please ask for any advice, help or information you need. We will reply by email as quickly as possible.

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    We reserve the right to withdraw an item from sale at any time until confirming your order.

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    Busy busy updating this site, adding new books all the time. Let us know what you think via the contact us page.