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    Reference 3065 (1101)
    Category Miscellaneous
    Author Various
    Title THE JOURNAL OF NAVIGATION: Vol.35, No.3, September 1982 along with The Annual Report 1981-82.
    Publishing Information Cambridge: The Royal Institute of Navigation Cambridge University Press, 1982.
    Description 1st Edition: Contents: Integrated Navigation under the Sea. A High-precision Underwater Navigation System. Weather Satellite Information for Offshore Industry. Dekametric Radar for Surveillance of Sea-state and Oceanic Winds. A Sideways-looking Towed Depth-measuring System. The Present Use of Satellites for Sea-state Observation and Predictions. The Nautical Chart. Communication and the Nautical Chart. Shipping and the European Environment. Present Development Phases of the Suez Canal Project. Economic Aspects of Marine Navigational Casualties. Marine Traffic Analysis. The Development of Electronic Navigation Systems. The Placement of Ancient Sites in the New Forest Area. The North Atlantic Organized Track Structure. The Development of Programs for Minimum-time Tracks. Some Interim Results of the Study. Appears unread.
    Price £4.00
    Keywords qpolarq, radar S1-Misc
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