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    Reference 448 (1213)
    Category Antarctic;
    Author Richards, R.W.
    Title THE ROSS SEA SHORE PARTY 1914 - 17. Scott Polar Research Institute. Special Publication Number 2.
    Publishing Information Cambridge: Scott Polar Research Institute,1962.
    Description 1st Edition; viii, 44pages, frontispiece, 1 plate, 1 map in text. Original maroon cloth with gilt titling to spine in cream unclipped dustjacket with green lettering. Dustjacket slightly grubby, covers and contents clean. In August 1914, Shackleton set sail for the South Pole on the Endurance. His Imperial Trans-Antarctic Expedition was to attempt a trans-continental journey from the Weddell Sea to the Ross Sea. Shackleton was doubtful if enough provisions could be carried by the trans- continental party for the complete journey, so his plan called for a second ship to land a team in McMurdo Sound, whose task it would be to lay food depots every 60 miles, as far south as the Beardmore Glacier. This party, on board the Aurora, sailed late in the same year. In January 1915, they landed at McMurdo. However, after a fearful storm, their ship was ripped from its moorings and along with it went most of their supplies. Refusing to give up, the men scavenged enough from an earlier expedition and set out to do their work. They trekked across some 2000 miles, always convinced that when they completed their task, Shackleton would have sufficient supplies for the latter part of his journey. Three men died along the way. It is one of the really notable polar journeys; ten men marooned with none of their own fuel, clothes or stores, yet by improvisation managing to stock depots for a party that would never arrive. R.W. Richards, a young Australian physicist, set down his personal story for the Scott Polar Research Institute.
    Price £70.00
    Keywords Shackleton, Imperial Trans-Antarctic Expedition, Weddell Sea, Ross Sea, polar , Antarctic. S1-Ant
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