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    Reference 1140 (1350)
    Category Antarctic;
    Author Cherry-Garrard, Apsley
    Publishing Information London: Penguin Books,1948.
    Description Double-volume (1 volume) unabridged Edition,1948; Paperback. 570pages. Old style Penguin, magenta and white covers with unclipped dustjacket. Age toning to pages and dustjacket nibbled with small pieces missings. A great read. At the age of 24, 'Cherry' was one of the youngest members of Scott's Terra Nova Expedition (1910-1913). This was Scott's second and last expedition to Antarctica. Cherry was initially rejected, but made a second application along with a promise of £1,000 towards the cost of the expedition. Rejected a second time, he made the donation regardless. Struck by this gesture, and at the same time persuaded by Dr Edward 'Bill' Watson, Scott agreed to take Cherry as assistant biologist. He is acclaimed for his historical account of this expedition, The Worst Journey in the World.' Ref: Taurus 84 (1st edition); Rosove 71c2; Spence 281. It was perhaps the only real stroke of luck in Scott's ill fated [Terra Nova] expedition that Cherry-Garrard, the one survivor of the winter journey, happened to be able to describe it so effectively that the reader forgets how comfortable he is in his arm-chair, and remembers the tale with a shiver as if he had been through it himself. - George Bernard Shaw. Rosove 71.G1.
    Price £20.00
    Keywords Scott, Terra Nova, polar, expedition. S1-Ant
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