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    Reference 3267 (1387)
    Category Arctic;
    Author Nansen, Fridtjof
    Title IN NORTHERN MISTS: Arctic exploration in early times . . Translated by Arthur G. Chater. Illustrated.
    Publishing Information London: William Heinemann, 1911.
    Description 1st UK Edition; Vol I xi, 384pages; Vol II 416pages, illustrated. Each volume has the tipped in colour frontispieces, b/w text illustrations. Original blue cloth covers with gilt vignette and titling. Minor shelfware, some foxing, spotting, mainly to page edges, prelims and tissue guards.A history of Arctic voyages by the well-known Arctic explorer (the first to cross Greenland on skis) and professor of oceanography at Christiania University, Fridtjof Nansen. (Preface) The author notes: 'It appeared to me that the natural foundation for a history of Arctic voyages was in the first place to make clear the main features in the development of knowledge of the North in early times. By tracing how ideas of the Northern World, appearing first in a dim twilight, change from age to age, how old myths and creations of the imagination are constantly recurring, sometimes in new shapes, and how new ones are added to them, we have a curious insight into the working of the human mind in its endeavour to subject to itself the world and the universe'.Arctic bibliography 11993.
    Price £150.00
    Keywords arctic, artic, polar S1-Arc
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