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    Reference 879 (1411)
    Category Other travel
    Author Reeves, E. A (Vol I, with some additions and revision by other hands), (Vol II edited by the secretary with the help of many travellers)
    Title HINTS TO TRAVELLERS, Eleventh Edition Vol I & II.
    Publishing Information London: The Royal Geographic Society, Vol 1 1935, (1944 reprint) & Vol 2 1938
    Description 11th Edition; Volume I - Survey and Field Astronomy; vii, 448pages, [xvi, advertisements], map wallet to back cover containing 2 astronomical charts. Vol II - Organisation and equipment -scientific - observation health, sickness, and injury. xvi, 286pages. Blue Cloth Covers with gilt titles, previous owners signature dated 1945 inside front cover volume 1 otherwise contents clean. Whilst Volume 1 concentrated on surveying and practical astronomy, Volume 2 - Scientific and General is a much more entertaining read with everything from preparing for an expedition at home, camping, dog driving, harnesses and sledges, polar travel, the types of camel to be used in the desert, boats for polar waters, photography in the field, the collection and preservation of large mammals, emergency tooth extraction...... Full of hidden gems, a great book to dip in and out of "The Yak does not like the scent of a European who should not stand near during loading" "Donkeys are useful for men to ride, but not for loads. They cannot go long stages, they are slow, and they drown in rivers." Comprehensive volume covering all aspects of expeditions before and after the Second World War. Serious books for would be travellers and expedition leaders of the middle 20th century.
    Price £100.00
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