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    Reference 134 (1484)
    Category General Polar;
    Author CAMBRIDGE UNIVERSITY PRESS, 1921Markham, Sir Clements
    Publishing Information London: Cambridge University Press, 1921.
    Description 1st Edition: xii, 539pages, original silver- decorated blue cloth with photogravure frontispiece, 25 b/w plates, maps and text-illustrations. Damp damage with some staining, wrinkling to covers, frontispiece, plates and pages but overall in good readable condition. John Leng & Co., discrete bookstamp embossed on top of some pages. Markham died in 1916 and the present work was completed from the manuscript by F H H Guillemard. The latter is responsible for the chapters on Amundsen's attempt on the South Pole. The bulk of the book is, however, Markham's work, including his concluding chapter on "Remaining Antarctic Work". Spence 755. Cambridge: UP, 1921. A comprehensive account of Arctic and Antarctic expeditions through Danish explorations of Greenland in 1908 and Scott's final journey to the South Pole in 1912. "Markham's active involvement in Polar exploration spanned 60 years (ranging from participant to masterminding Scott's first expedition). Highly acclaimed upon publication, it remains one of the most important contributions on the subject" - Conrad.
    Price £90.00
    Keywords AMZ £125 S1-Pol
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