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    Reference 2832 (1530)
    Category Whaling;
    Author Smith, Vincent (With a special introduction by Jill Wran)
    Publishing Information Sydney: Harper and Row, 1978. 0063120259
    Description Paperback Edition; 'Musco Blue Whale is a journey into the world of whales where the warmth of the Chagos Archipelago and the icy depths of the Antarctic are home. To Musco, a giant of the biggest species ever to inhabit the earth, the ocean is tranquility, love, sympathy and security, until people intrude with instruments of death.' Describes the plight of whales being hunted by man. The author does this with care and perception and provides rare insight into a major issue of the day. Illustrated with delicate line drawings by Wilson Buchanan.
    Price £8.00
    Keywords qpolarq, arctic, polarbook, polar, S1-Wha
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