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    Reference 1654 (286)
    Category Antarctic;
    Author Wright, C.S
    Title British Antarctic "Terra Nova" Expedition, 1910-1913. Determinations of Gravity.
    Publishing Information London: Harrison and Sons Litd., for The Committee of the Captain Scott Antarctic Fund., 1921.
    Description 1st Edition; iii, 106pages, 4 plates. Franklin Institute Library label tipped onto front end paper. Original wrappers. A thorough and scholarly study of gravity, featuring foremost Antarctic work executed from the expedition's headquarters at Cape Evans, begins with a summary of pendulum observations, outlining apparatus features, procedures followed, formulae and corrections. Observations were performed in Germany's Potsdam 1910 and 1913, New Zealand's Christchurch 1910 and 1913, Wellington 1913, Melbourne 1913, and at Ross Island Winter Quarters (Cape Evans) in 1911 and 1912. An intricate study with dated observations, detailed tables and diagrams throughout. Sir Charles Seymour Wright(1887-1975), was a Canadian member of Robert Falcon Scott's antarctic 'Terra Nova' expedition. Wright was the member of the search party to find the tent containing the bodies of Scott, Edward Wilson, and Henry Robertson Bowers, who perished on their return trek from the South Pole.
    Price £20.00
    Keywords qpolarq, Antarctic, expedition, Wilson, Ross sea, Shackleton, polar, Scott S1-Ant
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