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    Reference 754 (56)
    Category Antarctic;
    Author Ralling, Christopher (selected and introduced by)
    Title SHACKLETON: His Antarctic Writings.
    Publishing Information London: British Broadcasting Corporation,1985. 0563204389
    Description 1st Paperback Edition; 212pp, illustrated with photographs, maps. Pictorial cover. Ernest Shackleton is still by many considered the greatest of all British polar explorers: a hero to generations of British men and women. Christopher Ralling here throws light on the character and actions of this remarkable man through a chronological selection from Shackleton's own writings, public and private. Much of the material comes from his own books, The Heart of the Antarctic and South, both long out of print, which recount the triumphs and disasters of the Nimrod and Endurance expeditions with the freshness and immediacy of the diaries on which they were largely based. Together with his poetry and letters - especially those to his wife, Emily - they build up to the lively self-portrait ofa many-sided, complex and fascinating man: at once leader and romantic dreamer; an inspirer of loyalty who could be implacable if he felt that loyalty was betrayed; a self-confessed misfit in the regulated world of domesticity and the English social hierarchy of his day. Good
    Price £5.00
    Keywords The Heart of the Antarctic, south, polar, expedition, qpolarq S1-Ant
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