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    Reference 2608 (813)
    Category Miscellaneous
    Author Montague, Richard
    Title OCEANS, POLES AND AIRMEN: The First Flights over Wide Waters and Desolate Ice.
    Publishing Information New York: Random House, 1971. 0394462378
    Description 1sst Edition; x, 307pp, [1], illustrated, b/w photographs. Brown cloth covers with red and gold titling, no dustjacket. "The late twenties and early thirties were aviation's most romantic years. Neither before nor since has flying produced such a host of eager adventurers. They soared over, or plunged into, blue oceans. They roared above, or crashed down on, white ice. Both their nicknames and names conjure images of heroines and heroes. Flying Schoolmarm, Flying Princess, Flyin' Fool. Amundsen, Byrd, Bennett, Nobile, Lindbergh, Balchen, Elder, Acosta, Earhart, Chamberlin, Levine, Nungesser, Fonck, Wilkins. . . " Contents clean. Good
    Price £5.00
    Keywords qpolarq S1-Misc
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